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The 4Gb HD 720P Pen Camera in Pakistan Best Audio Video Recording and Snap shooting Pen in Pakistan best quality still video extraordinary pen camera is selling in all over the world. With the advancement of technology we come to understand that there are certain devices that can come forth as a savior for mankind but keeping in mind the respect of human and their safety let us not forget cyber harassment and cyber bullying can personally destroy someone’s life for good. Camera Pen in Pakistan is one of those devices where you can come to knowledge as to those mechanical and technological devices where at first may seem appealing but come in the wrong hands and it will definitely be a threat to your character. In Pakistan where we come across so many societal issues we also see that the respect of women and children can dwindle at times and not be safe. Camera Pen in Pakistan is somewhat what we can recall as one of those devices where nobody is safe anywhere if the wrong user uploads your image. This camera contains a camera inbuilt so miniature that it easily has adapted and restructured in the form of a pen.

Who knows you might be captured in that cell. Such devices should only be handed out to those who are willing to take an oath to use such devices where there is no serious threat to any human out there. This device is so small but the damage that it may give is larger than your belief and imagination. What can a Camera pen in Pakistan possibly harm? Let’s say if a person is wearing this pen he can easily stalk and capture any female image and upload it on the internet with fake photo shopping. Moving along this pen can even be the reason for your child never to pursue its growth because of the severe consequences It may have to face one day as in child pornography, child molestation and the reason for pedophiles to enjoy themselves watching children with their innocence being raped and tortured. The reason for such a device to be invented is not quite clear up to date but there are numerous people who think that this pen has literally been he sole reason their life has been stable and has saved their costly amount. Camera Pen can never be easily identified because no one is sure as to what a camera pen even really appears to be. The illusion of carrying a pen with you will blindfold your belief that a person is actually undoubtedly is carrying not an ordinary pen but a camera pen that has the option of choosing to either

1) record audio

2) record video

3) capture high definition pictures with absolute zero pixelated images and the thought of capturing a blur image is out of the box.

Appreciation of such devices may be justified but rejecting the idea of such devices to be promoted where Pakistan is an Islamic State and the respect is at stake is what we all should ponder over on.

Specifications for Super Spy Pen Camera
Size & Weight
7.1 cm (2.8inch)
64.5 X 38.4 X 18.4 mm
40 gm
Design & Display
Video Format:
AVI Video Encoding: M-JPEG
Pixels: 1280 X 720
Video Frame Rate:
3.1MP Camera
Audio Recording:
Video recording:
Photo Click:
Li-Ion 950 mAh
Stand By Time:
3.0 hours
Memory card support:
Internal Memory:
Additional Features
Other features:
Power Supply: USB Port
PC Compatibility: Plug & Play
System Requirement: WINDOWS 2000/XP/VISTA/7
Package Contents
4 GB Spy Pen Camera, User Manual.
Life Time Service Warranty
Price of 4GB Pen Camera : 3499/- Full HD 720P Result